Our Clients

Marie Benattar : Photographer

Creations of artistic works made at Good Light Studio (2017-2020)

Dadju – Universal Music France

Dadju – Universal Music France. Photographer : Ojoz.

French Magazine

Good Light Studio photo pas cher à Paris

Editorial for French Magazine – Photographer : Eric Traoré : Onirim Agency – Make-Up : Topolino – Hairstylist : Greg Everingham.

Suzie Winkle Paris

Spring summer 2019 collection. Photographer: Charlotte Lapalus.

Lui Magazine

Editorial Lui Magazine by Lucian Bor : Photographer – Model : Veronika Tonka –
Stylism : Lena Kalfleche – Hairdresser : David Delicourt – Make-up : Marion Robin.

The Economist 1843mag – Coco Amardeil

Editorial The economist1843mag – Photographer : Coco Amardeil – Models : Chloé E & Delphine A –
Styliste : Stephanie Brissay – Makeup : Vera Dierkx – Hair : Cicci Svah.

Trax Magazine

Editorial DJ Puzupuzu by Frenzy Picture Production. Photographer: Arnaud Deroudilhe.

Asaf Avidan – Universal Music

Asaf Avidan : Universal Music France. Photographer Ojoz

Journal Le Temps

studio photo paris good light studio location photo pas cher paris
Editorial Fashion for Le Temps: Swiss Journal

Sénart Theater -Bastille Agency

Communication Campaign 2019 2020 – Bastille Agency – Photographer Celia Marjolet

Adolle : Lingerie

Advertising lingerie Cadolle : Stephanie Hynes : Photographer

Arte TV – Premières Lignes Production

Video shoots of “Tous les internets” for Arte with Julien Le Bot. All internets, it’s a weekly conversation for those
who are interested in new forms of democratic vigilance, emancipation or mobilization related to digital technology.

ID Magazine

Editorial ID Magazine with Garance Marillier: Revelation of the Césars Cannes 2018.


Good Light Studio - studio photo pas cher à Paris
Nespresso Photo and Video Shooting for the Cannes Film Festival: Photographer: Emmanuel N Guyen.

Raphaële Lannadère

Raphaële Lannadère’s new album “Chansons”. Early or Late Music Label – Photographer: Ojoz.

Paulette Magazine

Fashion Editorial Paulette Magazine : Photographer : Kamila Stanley

Renaud Capuçon – Warner Classics

New album by Renaud Capucon “Cinema” Label Warner Classics and Erato.visual photos taken by the agency Ars Magna : Photographer Frederic Speller

Esmod School

Collection of the fashion designer Tsu Lin Chu for Esmod School- Photographers : Jinling & Sun – Model : Eléa Fouchard – Hair & Makeup : Mathilde Passeri.

Capitol Records

Chilla : New EP “Karma” Capitol Records France. Photographer : Ojoz.

Amédée 1851

Launch of the web site and the online shop Amédée 1851

Ki M’Aime me Suive – Images Production

Photos & Video Clip for the play: “Et si on ne sentait plus” with Maxence Gaillard, Emmanuel Gaury, Guillaume d’Harcourt,
Nicolas Poli, Mathieu Rannou. Director: Images Production and Fabrice Robin: photographer. Production: Ki M’Aime Me Suive

Exept Me Lingerie Paris

Lingerie Collection 2019 Exept Me : Designer : Sylvie Schekler – Photographer : Marc Antoine Harmeau –
Model : Olfa – Make-up artist / hairdresser : Frédèrique Philouze.


Studio photo vidéo paris good light studio
Video & Still Life Packaging Haribo. FCinq Agency.

Kellogg’s – Landor Agency

Kellogg’s New cereal boxes packaging : Europe – Landor Agency – Photographe Mathieu Levaslot – Lux Relief


Endeer : First size-free lingerie using 3D technology (Scanning & printing)

The Voice – Lou (singer)

New LP of the young singer Lou: The Voice Kids – Production: Makam Production.


Ebay : Halloween Campaign :  Jin Agency.

Nekfeu : Universal Music

Nekfeu : Universal Music France. Photographe : Ojoz.

Thibault Cauvin – Sony Classical

Good Light Studio - studio photo pas cher à Paris

New LP of Thibault Cauvin : The Vivaldi Album – Sony Classical : Ars Magna Production .

Elle Magazine

Editorial Elle Magazine by Riccardo Tinelli.

 Chanel Editorial

Good Light Studio - studio photo pas cher à Paris
Chanel Chanel Editorial by Eric Traoré : photographer : Agent : Onirim

Rémy Martin

Good Light Studio - studio photo pas cher à Paris

Rémy Martin – Video filming for the Cognac Louis XIII – Wimm production.

Frenzy Pictures

Good Light Studio photo pas cher à Paris
New EP “Us” of Clément Bazin – Nowadays Records – Frenzy Pictures.

Robin Calt Production

Good Light Studio photo pas cher à Paris

Billboard poster for theater play Un Petit jeu sans conséquences, with Bruno Solo, Isabelle Gelinas,
Bruno Salomone, Constance Dolle, Lionel Abelanski.

Antoine Elie – Universal Music France

Antoine Elie : Video filming for his new album coming out in February 2019 : Universal Music France – film director : Marc Obi


Good Light Studio photo pas cher à Paris

Dim : Woman’s lingerie.

Atol Glasses – Raymonde Agency

Atol Glasses Campaign for Social Networks. Production Director: Agence Raymonde –
Photographer: Jean Baptiste Le Mercier – Staff Production: Set Designer: Margaux Maeght –
Model: Shona Nozolino – Artistic Director: [email protected] Raymonde.

La Bred

Good Light Studio photo pas cher à Paris

Photo & Video Campaign : La Bred Bank : 4Vents Agency.

Zadig Presse

Pilot of Flash Talk show with Raphäl Yem Sonia Chironi directed by Zadig Presse Production.

HBO – BBC – France 2 – Premières Lignes TV

Good Light Studio - studio photo pas cher à Paris
Documentary directed by Dan Reed (Amos Pictures) on the Charlie Hebdo attacks, and broadcast in January 2016 on France 2 in
Complement d’Enquête. Interviews and video shoots made at Good Light Studio over 20 days, First Lines Television, HBO and BBC Productions.


Good Light Studio photo pas cher à Paris
Abylsen : Epoka & 4Vents Group Agency.

Commune de Paris 1871

Good Light Studio photo pas cher à Paris

Commune de Paris 1871 : Winter collection 2017.

Instagram Yves Saint Laurent

Good Light Studio photo pas cher à Paris

Yves Saint Laurent : Instagram : Razorfish Agency (Publicis).

Wei Weisheng

New collection of Wei Weisheng : fashion stylist – Photographer : Yang Wana.

Sony Classical

Good Light Studio photo pas cher à Paris
New LP of Christian Pierre La Marca : Cantus : Ars Magna Productions .


Good Light Studio photo pas cher à Paris

Communication and advertising campaign for the shower gel Tahiti.

Bérengère Saint Pierre

Good Light Studio Photo Paris
Bérengère Saint Pierre Collection: Creator and designer of Wedding Dress : Photographer : Dominique Desrue

Philippe Perissé

Good Light Studio photo pas cher à Paris
Philippe Perissé : Look Book. Winter Collection 2015.

Lada Film

Good Light Studio photo pas cher à Paris

Lada Film Massimiliano Vana Agostini Scuola .

Cosmydor Paris

Cosmydor : Packaging Cosmetics : Photographer : Pascaline Dargant.

Harper’s Bazaar Roumania

Editorial Harper’s Bazaar Roumania – Photographer Anna Dalci – Model : Sam Rollinson –
Makeup : Tina Roivanin – Hair : Leslie Thibaud – Editor : Lil Bulgac & Andrei Iovu.


Advertising campaign for ECO DDS : Photographer : Michel Dubois : FHMT Agency


Good Light Studio photo pas cher à Paris
Clou : Singer Musician Interpreter : Video Clip by film director Mike Ibrahim.

Le Crime Productions

Le Crime Productions : Photographer and Film Director : Cedric Coldefy and Maxim Monti.

National Museums

Good Light Studio photo pas cher à Paris

French institution : National Museums : Video clip for a exhibition at the Museum of the Grand Palais in 2017.

Canine (Universal Music)

Canine : New album Twin Shadow : Photographer Marta Bevacqua

Asaf Avidan (Polydor)

Polydor Universal Music. Private show for the new album of Asaf Avidan : The Study on Falling.

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